The company was established in 1974. From the first day we have been manufacturing windows, doors and other joinery products. Years of experience allow us to produce perfect products, including top-quality window joinery.

Our products are always made with the latest standards and top quality.

We put large amounts of care into our work, developing the company image.

Innovative solutions are always present in our products, we use 3 layers of glued high-quality wood in our windows, double or triple glazing, two seals, aluminium drip tray in the frame and sash, fittings from renowned manufacturers, immersion impregnation, and eco-friendly acrylic paints.

In production, we use several types of wood, such as: Polish pine, Polish oak, American oak, Siberian larch and exotic types, e.g. Meranti.

Our products are acclaimed on the markets in Germany, the Netherlands, England, France, Norway, Austria and the Czech Republic.